Sunday School

Our Sunday School classes meet every Lord’s Day at 9:30 a.m., prior to the worship service.
Sunday School classes #1 – #4 are located upstairs. Sunday School #5 is located downstairs in the conference room.

The Miracles of Jesus

Sunday School #1
This series is focused on analyzing and applying the various miracles of our Savior. Jesus performed many miracles in His life, and this study seeks to mine the depths and purpose of each one, all for the purpose of knowing and serving Him at a deeper level. This class is led by James Yasciewicz.

Biblical Worship

Sunday School #2
This class is currently engaged in a study of biblical worship. The goal is to obtain a deeper understanding of worship by learning Who we worship, why we worship Him, and how we worship Him. This class is led by Pastor Justin.


 A Survey of Redemptive History

Sunday School #3
This class is currently moving through the entirety of the Old Testament, one book at a time, in an effort to understand the whole arc of Redemptive History, from Genesis to Revelation. This class is led by Dave Latta.

 The Believers Life in Christ

Sunday School #4
This class is following along with the LifeWay curriculum, which is currently looking at the function of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, and subsequently how the believer should then live. This class is led by Pat Zoellner.

An Expositional Study of Galatians

Sunday School #5
This class is embarking on a verse-by-verse expositional study of the book of Galatians, leaving no stone unturned and no doctrine unexplored. This class is led by Phil Jackson.