Benefits of Flu Vaccines

What are the benefits of flu vaccines?
  • The vaccine can keep you from getting sick with the flu.
  • While not 100% effective, the flu vaccine most years can prevent millions of illnesses.
  • Even if you get the flu, it may often be a milder case if you had the vaccine.
  • Having the vaccine can reduce the risk of hospitalization for the flu related complications.
  • Tens of thousands of hospitalizations are reduced annually by the flu vaccine—think of the cost savings and missed work!
  • The flu vaccine is especially protective of complications for patients with chronic diseases such as heart or lung disease.
  • The flu vaccine protects pregnant women during and after pregnancy.
  • Studies have shown if the pregnant woman has the vaccine, it can prevent her baby from having the flu for several months after birth—when the baby is too young for the vaccine.
  • The flu vaccine can be life saving in children.
  • A study in 2017 showed the vaccine reduced the risk of death from flu in children significantly.
  • Having the flu vaccine may also protect your family by decreasing the risk of you bringing the flu germ home with you.
So, we hope you’ll join us at the Community Health Fair on
October 6th, 10-2 pm, at the Recreation Center and get your flu vaccine!