Pastor Mark’s Blog


“I Apologize”


     Let me begin by making some pre-emptive statements.  As a conservative evangelical minister, I hold to a historical and traditional understanding of the inspiration and total validity of the teachings of the Bible as the Word of God.  I stand firmly on the clear teachings of the Holy Scriptures as it applies to moral and ethical Judeo-Christian values.  Because of these realities for me, I am understandably opposed to what often is communicated today under the catchall words like “woke”, progressivism, and neo-Marxism.  More particularly, I am opposed to CRT being taught in our schools. I am opposed to progressive ideas and new tolerance of the LGBTQ+ community being promoted across our culture at large. I am opposed to neo-Marxist ideas that would subjugate our historical western values rooted in the Judeo-Christian moorings that have served civilization well until recently.  I have offered good Biblical support for my opposition in past articles, from the pulpit, and other venues.  This has been accompanied by a correct delineation of Lockean logic that was used to establish our nation along with our Christian heritage.  I will say nothing more about these at this moment. 

    Instead, in this limited space I want to apologize to my more secular, “progressive” and liberal neighbors, and community.  We will disagree on many things; it all starts with our view of Scriptures. Here, I remain firm in my convictions. But where one can cast their eyes outward and abroad and easily find a divergence of cultural, social, and religious values to critique, there is also the more painful self-reflection that is incumbent on all honest people of God.  First, I want to apologize that even as conservative evangelicals, we are doing a better job of speaking out in the public square and addressing our concerns and convictions – but we have failed you miserably, nonetheless.  We have failed you and our Lord for not clearly enunciating the facts of what we really believe that distinguishes us from the world at large. It is not a political party, some sense of moral superiority vocalized louder in the public square, or greater astuteness in disparagements and crude retorts.  I apologize that these approaches and this sectarianism have only shrouded what makes us truly different and creates dissonance as I see it.  Rather, we should clearly and emphatically communicate – along with our cultural values and convictions – our greatest conviction. This being that we truly trust in Jesus Christ as incarnate God, as the one who died for sins, and is resurrected and alive, inviting all who want to see the truth and understand the will of God in Him.  We call it being “born again.” Now this will not eradicate all differences or views, but should we come to an agreement as fellow-believers to both humbly approach the Word of God with open minds, we will then have established the foundations for conversation that is non-political and non-cultural and non-ideological. We come together in Christ and He will lead His people into Truth.  So, I apologize that this message is getting lost in the heat and rhetoric of today. We are to be better stewards and witnesses for Him, and I am sorry if you haven’t heard this before. Being born again in Christ is far more important than being Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, “woke” or traditionalist. We can’t legislate morality, as the saying goes, but we can lead you to the One who does. 

     Second, I apologize that the church as an institution is overly focused on itself and enumerated “needs” to make everyone happy and satisfied, not to mention efforts to maintain a sectarian façade of superiority.  We have put much verbiage and energy in improving and changing the mediums of our message – music styles and preferences, dress codes, architecture, technology, presentation, etc. – thinking on the one hand, in the name of being relevant, this might attract the world outside our doors, but also to keep our own memberships contented, entertained, and “inspired.”  Again, I am sorry that we failed you in once again obscuring the powerful, simple message of the Gospel and salvation in Christ. We have promoted presentation over prayer, getting over giving, and entertainment over exegesis of the Word of God. My growing suspicion is that those outside the walls of the church want our prayers, need our charity, and want unadulterated and unembellished Truth as found in the Word and Christ.  And they want it conveyed with courageous conviction yet profound love and patience.  I am sorry if our message has been imbalanced and obscured the profound truth that God is both love and holy. It is not His fault.  This evangelical, conservative Pastor is going to try to do better and lead others to do the same.  Again, forgive us, but also join us as sinners saved by grace in Jesus Christ who desire to follow Him in righteousness.