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The following are eligible to reserve First Baptist Church – Highlands for wedding
ceremonies and other related events:

1) If the Bride and/or Groom are members of FBCH or are children or grandchildren of full or associate members.
2) If the Bride and/or Groom are active members of another church of like beliefs.
3) First Baptist Church – Highlands may grant exceptions under special circumstances with the Pastors and Deacons approval.

We urge you to contact the Church as soon as you have decided on a date to assure the time is entered on the Church calendar and there is no conflict with other Church activities. This will also enable the date to be coordinated with the schedule of the minister. We recommend that this be done at least six months in advance of that date. At the time of your initial contact with the Church, a Wedding Registration Form must be completed and a deposit (see fee schedule) should be received in order to guarantee that date.

As soon as you have set the date for your marriage you should arrange to meet with the minister that will be officiating your wedding. If a minister other than the First Baptist Church minister is used, that minister is obligated to conduct your wedding ceremony to comply with Baptist Faith and Practice. If you select another Minister, please have them contact our Minister as soon as possible. A premarital consultation is required with the officiating minister and notification with First Baptist Church – Highlands as soon as this consultation has been scheduled.

You will be assigned a First Baptist Church Facilitator to assist you in all aspects of your wedding. This is in addition to your personal wedding planner. Please see the fee schedule for a description of the Wedding Facilitator.

Your wedding is a service of worship and the music selected needs to comply with the spiritual purpose of the occasion. The Wedding Facilitator and the Director of Music will be happy to assist you in the selection of music for the ceremony realizing that popular or secular music selections must be in compliance with the worshipful nature of the occasion. A list of music to be used should be shared with the Director of Music at least a month in advance of the wedding. The final decision about all musical arrangements are at the discretion of the Pastor. In instances where other than the church musicians are to be used, the Music Director should approve and give direction to the musicians selected. All of these instructions apply to recorded music, also.

1) Flash photography is permitted during the wedding ceremony except during the vows. Non-flash exposures are allowed during the service. Make sure that your wedding planner has consulted the Church’s Wedding Facilitator in this regard. Please instruct your guests about this policy. This can usually be done by placing a statement in the Order of Service when one is provided.
2) The use of video cameras is permitted as long as it does not disturb the service.
3) Formal pictures are encouraged either before or after the ceremony.
4) Please make sure that your photographer is aware of all regulations.

Decorations for your wedding should be consistent with a house of worship. The platform will be cleared of the pulpit and any other normal Sunday furnishings. The wedding party is responsible for all work done in the church by the florist and others. Please inform your decorators of all facility regulations. The Wedding Facilitator can answer any specific questions regarding decorations.

1) All decorations must adhere to the fire code.
2) Church seasonal decorations must have prior approval before being removed.
3) Only approved candles may be used. They are available through your florist.
4) All candles must be extinguished directly after the service.
5) Furniture and floor coverings must be used for all candles.

The Church’s Wedding Facilitator will help keep you informed of the regulations for the use of all Church facilities. This is a House of Worship belonging to God, please be respectful. Follow the regulations below:

1) The use of alcohol and tobacco products on the church premises is prohibited.
2) The use of rice is prohibited. Bird seed is permissible outside but must be cleaned up afterward by the responsible party.
3) No tacks or nails may be used to decorate the church. Nothing may be taped to walls, furniture, ceilings or doors without Church permission.
4) No beverage of any kind, except bottled water may be brought into the sanctuary.
5) The responsible party will be held directly responsible for any of the church facilities used and for the conduct of the wedding party and guest during the rehearsal and wedding.
6) All church facilities must be cleaned, straightened, and vacated immediately following the wedding. It is the duty of the responsible party to see that the church is returned to its original condition.
7) If needed, dressing areas for the bridal party can be arranged.
8) The organ and piano may not be moved or decorated with any flowers, candles, or other adornments.

 -Our Fee Schedule-


Please contact the church for fees.

1. Sanctuary Fee (due 30 days prior to the wedding) $ 1000.00
2. Non-refundable Deposit $ 500.00 – This fee is due to reserve the date of you wedding on the First Baptist Church calendar. Please note that any damage to the church will be billed to the responsible party.
3. Pastors Fee – negotiated with the Pastor
4. Wedding Facilitator $ 250.00 – The Wedding Facilitator is a First Baptist Church member assigned to coordinate all aspects of the wedding. They open and close the facility, attend all rehearsals and walkthroughs, and work closely with the Bride and Groom to ensure that everything done creates a very special event.
5. Organist/Pianist $ 200.00 – The Brides wedding planner should contact the Church Organist/Pianist to select appropriate music. Should the wedding service require additional
music beside the normal selections, the fee could increase.
6. Sound Technicians $ 150.00 – The Sound Tech attends the rehearsal and wedding to provide all necessary equipment. The Wedding Facilitator will notify the sound tech of any special
equipment needed.
7. Custodian $ 150.00 – Arrives after the wedding to check and clean as necessary for normal church services.
8. Fellowship Hall $ 500.00 – All fees are due 30 days prior to the wedding. The Sanctuary fee is paid to the church and all other fees are paid directly to the service providers.